Contents of John Bell's Hat

• Lyrics to the Song ‘Smile though Your Heart is Aching’ that he asked 
  granddaughter Ashleigh to write when he was diagnosed with Cancer

• A toll free number to son Sean’s home with an annotation of a
  recommended book for sons to purchase written by New York Times
  author Thomas Friedman based on an interview seen on C-SPAN

• Son Lance’s cell phone number

• Recommended professions for grandchildren

• Phone numbers for son Sean and daughter Bonnie

• Toll free number for Esteban Guitar for Lance to purchase as seen on
  Esteban infomercial

• Steam Cleaner as seen on infomercial

• Saratoga Hospital meal ticket

John Bell’s last winning ticket
on the 132nd Run for the Roses

If you would like to know more about John H. Bell, share information
about John H. Bell or pass on your contact information, please call
Lance Bell at (518) 581-1171 / Cell: (518) 506-9321 or email